Robbie Lucas, The football coach at Somerset, passed away

Robbie Lucas, the head football coach at Briar Jumper, passed away. Kyle Lively, the superintendent of Somerset Independent Schools, released a statement on Monday morning confirming his passing.

“The Somerset Independent School System and the entire Somerset Community mourn the passing of Coach Robbie Lucas. He was an outstanding football coach, an excellent teacher, and an even better person. Coach Lucas always put others before himself and made countless sacrifices for the betterment of his players, coaches, and students.

The positive impact Robbie made on everyone around him is immeasurable and will span for decades to come through the success of his players and students. The world lost a great football coach and a fantastic man. Coach Lucas will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Nicole, his daughters Molly, and Maddie as well as his entire family.”

The Briar Jumpers won their first-ever and only Class 2A state championship in 2019 under Lucas’ leadership.

For 14 seasons, he was Somerset’s head coach.

In a recent episode of “The Coaches Office” podcast, Lucas shared his thoughts on football with former Boyle County coach Chuck Smith and Mercer County coach David Buchanan.

“Football has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me by a lot,” Lucas said. “It got me an education. It got me into education. It got me a job. It’s kept me a job. I can’t tell you how appreciative I am just of the game itself.

“I hope the next generation can see that and use that part because I don’t know that you can come into this halfway and give half your heart to anything. Especially your leading and directing 50, 60, 70 young men.”

Tributes to coach Robbie Lucas:

Coach Mark Stoops of the University of Kentucky and several of his players caught their eye.

“Also want to send my condolences to the Somerset community. Coach Robbie Lucas, and two of our players, Jason and Kaiya, were very close to Coach Lucas and his family. What a great man. My condolences there,” said Coach Stoops.

People who knew Lucas well say that he was a great example of greatness, working hard and doing whatever he could to help others. Finally, they won the state championship.

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For a large portion of this season, 51-year-old Lucas was sidelined due to a protracted illness. He did not attend the Briar Jumpers’ playoff game against Lexington Christian on Friday.

“He was, again, just bragging about the kids. He didn’t take any of the credit. I waited until later that night or something to give him a call. He didn’t want any of the credit. He said it was all about the kids,” said friend Tim Estes.

“He was a good guy. He was the best,” LCA Coach Doug Charles told the Herald-Leader. “Other than the two hours every so often we had to compete against each other, we both had a lot of respect for each other and our programs. And he was so kind to me … I just hate it, man. It’s just a big, big loss.”

“He is the best man and person that you can find. X’s and O’s meant nothing to him,” Somerset defensive coordinator Jared Swearingen said in an email to the coaches. “Helping the player and or student succeed in life was his life calling. A great coach and a much better man have gone to a better place.”

Robbie Lucas’s wife and family.

Robbie Lucas was a married man. He was married to his dear wife Nicole. The couple together had 2 adorable daughters named Molly and Maddie. His dear wife and 2 daughters survive Robbie.

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