Utah ABC4 TV reporter, Marcos Ortiz, dies suddenly

Marcos Ortiz

Longtime Utah TV reporter Marcos Ortiz passed away suddenly at home on Saturday, ABC4 reported on Sunday. He was 68. At the time of his passing, Ortiz was the senior crime and justice correspondent for ABC4 and had been employed by the channel since 2004. According to station officials, some of his work includes the … Read more

Famous American Boxer, Jimmy Ellis, dies at 67

Jimmy Ellis

Jimmy Ellis was an American professional boxer. He won the vacant WBA heavyweight title in 1968 by defeating Jerry Quarry, making one successful title defense in the same year against Floyd Patterson, before losing to Joe Frazier in 1970. The well-known metro Atlanta car dealership owner passes away at 67 In Louisville Baptist Hospital in … Read more

Mimi Parker, A Vocalist & Drummer for Low, dies at 55

Mimi Parker

According to her husband and bandmate Alan Sparhawk, Mimi Parker, the drummer, vocalist, and composer for the Minnesota indie band Low, has passed away. In December 2020, Parker received a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. The band’s management acknowledged that she was 55 years old. The band shared the news on social media. “Friends, it’s hard … Read more

Laura Plantation Restored person, Norman Marmillion, dies at 76

Norman Marmillion

Norman “Johnny” Marmillion Jr. was driven by his passion for Louisiana culture in general. On September 30, he was injured by a car. At the age of 76, Norman Marmillion, who restored the Laura Plantation in the 1990s, passes away. Marmillion was struck by a car as he was attempting to access the onramp for … Read more

Veteran Novelist, Doris Grumbach, dies at 104

Doris Grumbach

The well-known novelist Doris Grumbach was noted for writing novels, literature, and essays that tackled issues like women trapped in oppressive households or disintegrating marriages. Author Doris Grumbach’s Death Doris Grumbach died on November 4, 2022, at the age of 104. Her death was announced by her daughter who revealed she died in a retirement … Read more

Actor Andrew Prine, Cast in Westerns including “Chisum” and “Wide Country,” dies at 86

Andrew Prine

Andrew Prine, the endearing character actor who appeared in dozens of Westerns on television and in theaters, including Bandolero!, Chisum, Wide Country, and others, has passed away on October 31. He was 86. While on vacation with his wife, actress-producer Heather Lowe, he passed away on Monday in Paris from natural causes, she told The Hollywood … Read more

Who was Laney Chantal? How did she died? dies at 33

Laney Chantal

At the age of 33, Laney Chantal passed away suddenly. On Monday, she had breathed her last. Counted as a sister, daughter, and friend, Laney Chantal was adored. Her passing was just announced online, and the news quickly spread on social media. Numerous reactions have been making headlines on the internet since the news of … Read more