Milad Rahimi, Shooting in North Vancouver Victim, Aged 34, Family

milad rahimi

Milad Rahimi has been identified as the victim of the shooting in North Vancouver. A person was gravely injured after being shot by an unknown individual in front of the Real Canadian Superstore on Friday. The event was soon reported to the police, and when officers got on the scene, they discovered the man lying … Read more

Ukrainian woman Valeriia Maksetska, Killed by Russian tank, Aged 31

valeriia maksetska

A Ukrainian woman Valeriia Maksetska was reported to be blown up by the extremely evil Russian tank as the dutiful beautiful woman went to collect medicine to give to her mother. The young woman who was going to write about is Valeriia Maksetska 31 worked as the US AID partner with her mother and driver … Read more

Joseph M. Meitl, Death During Training in California, Aged 23  

joseph m. meitl

Joseph M. Meitl was a Fort Hood soldier who died at the National Training Center In California during a training season. He was an outstanding soldier of the Steel Dragon Team. It is unfortunate that this incident has caused many to express their profound sorrow and compassion for his untimely death and condolences to his … Read more

Developer of cure for childhood leukemia, Donald Pinkel, Dies at 95

donald pinkel

Donald Pinkel was a pediatric hematologist and oncologist who practiced in the United States. Pinkel was the first director of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. He is popularly known for developing a cure for childhood Leukemia which is the most common type of cancer found in children and teens. Donald Pinkel: Cause … Read more

Obituary: Johnny Grier Dies at aged 23, Cause of Death, Family

johnny grier

Johnny Grier was the First Black Referee and crew chief as he served as an NFL official from 1981 to 2004 for 23 years in the National Football League (NFL). The role he played as the first black referee in the NFL inspired and gave the opportunity to many, as he laid the foundation for … Read more

Who was Sally Schmitt? Dies at Aged 90, Family

sally schmitt

Sally Schmitt was the Founder of California’s French Laundry restaurant and the nation’s farm-to-table movement. She helped launch the farm-to-table movement throughout the region and established the French Laundry restaurant in California wine country. Sally Schmitt: Cause of Death Sally Schmitt’s untimely death stunned the world and saddened those who knew her since she was … Read more

Who was Dmytro Demyanenko? Killed in Ukraine, Age, Wife and Family, Bio

dmytro demyanenko

Dmytro Demyanenko is the former Deputy Chief of the Main Directorate of the Security service of Ukraine. Due to the viral nature of the video showing the killing of the SBU Police head, there has been storm all over the internet. Ukraine-Russia War: The Killing of Dmytro Dmyanenko Dmytro Demyanenko was shot and died near … Read more

Who is Zachary Rolfe? Not convicted on Death of Kumanjayi Walker, Aged 30, Wife and Family

zachary rolfe

Zachary Rolfe is a police officer in the Northern Territory who was has convicted of the death of Kumanjayi Walker in 2019. After pleading not guilty to the charge of murder and the backup charges of manslaughter and participating in a violent act causing death, Northern Territory Police Officer Zachary Rolfe was found not guilty … Read more