Obituary: Krystal Mousseau, lady in a failed COVID-19, Aged 31, Family

krystal mousseau

On May 25, Krystal Mousseau, a 31-year-old mother of two from the Ebb and Flow First Nation, died while being transported from Brandon to Ottawa for COVID-19 treatment. The death of a lady in a failed COVID-19 hospital transfer remains a mystery, according to the Manitoba NDP. Medication and blood pressure monitoring issues were discovered … Read more

Broadway vocal coach, Barbara Maier Gustern, Passed away at 87, Wife and Family

barbara maier gustern

Barbara Maier Gustern was a well-known Broadway vocal coach in the United States. Some of the singers who were coached by the vocalist have gone on to become well-known in the music world. Debbie Harry, the lead vocalist of the band Blondie, and Diamanda Galas are two of her noteworthy students. 1 Week After an … Read more

Brendan Santo, Died of Accidental Drowning, Aged 18, Parents, Wiki

brendan santo

Brendan Santo was a teen boy who went missing on the campus of Michigan State University on October 29, 2021. He was visiting friends at Michigan State University over a Halloween weekend last year when he went missing. After two and a half months his body was recovered from the Red Cedar River on Friday. Brendan … Read more

First White House lawyer, Bernard Nussbaum, dies at 84, Net worth

bernard nussbaum

Bernard Nussbaum was the first attorney to represent the White House and served as President Bill Clinton’s first White House counsel. Mr. Nussbaum was an American attorney, best known for being President Bill Clinton‘s White House counsel. Bernard Nussbaum: First White House lawyer dies The news of Bernard Nussbaum has led an honorable tribute for … Read more

Judge in Howard Beach Murder Case, Thomas Demakos, Dies at 98

thomas demakos

A judicial hearing officer for the 11th Judicial District of New York, Thomas Demakos represents Queens County Supreme Court, Criminal Term. He is best known for his testimony in the Howard Beach Murder Case, in which Michael Griffith, a 23-year-old black man, was killed in a racially motivated attack in Howard Beach, Queens, New York … Read more

French neurophysiologist, Anne Beaumanoir Dies at Aged 98, Meet her Husband Joseph Roger, Familie

anne beaumanoir

The French neurophysiologist Anne Beaumanoir is well-known for leading Jews in occupied France to safety during World War II. Her involvement in the French Resistance during the Second World War led to her imprisonment for supporting the FLN during the Algerian War. The cause of death of Anne Beaumanoir The news of Anne Beaumanoir’s death … Read more

Former Sports central anchor, Alan Massengale, Dies at Aged 63

alan massengale

Alan Massengale was a former Sports central anchor, broadcaster and was beloved by his family, colleagues, and friends. He was the very first anchor of CBS Los Angles. His fans recognized him for his ability to grace the sets five nights a week with his unique wit and southern charm, which were unrivaled in the … Read more