Interior Designer and Author, Chris Madden, dies at 73

chris madden

Chris Madden was an interior designer, television broadcaster, author, and businesswoman from the United States. She was known as a lifestyle and decorating author and personality, and she was a telegenic former model and publishing executive who wrote a number of books on decorating. Chris Madden: Cause of Death Chris Madden died on March 2nd … Read more

Channel Africa Manager, Luzuko Koti, Dies at Aged 47, Biography and Cause of Death

luzuko koti

Luzuko Koti was a well-known Manager at SABC Channel Africa, as well as the Executive Director of Oresego Holdings and a well-known Nelson Mandela Foundation spokesperson. Luzuko Koti: Cause of Death Koti died on March 21, 2022. He was a well-known personality in the African media line industry as he was among one of the … Read more

Broadway vocal coach, Barbara Maier Gustern, Passed away at 87, Wife and Family

barbara maier gustern

Barbara Maier Gustern was a well-known Broadway vocal coach in the United States. Some of the singers who were coached by the vocalist have gone on to become well-known in the music world. Debbie Harry, the lead vocalist of the band Blondie, and Diamanda Galas are two of her noteworthy students. 1 Week After an … Read more

Former Sports central anchor, Alan Massengale, Dies at Aged 63

alan massengale

Alan Massengale was a former Sports central anchor, broadcaster and was beloved by his family, colleagues, and friends. He was the very first anchor of CBS Los Angles. His fans recognized him for his ability to grace the sets five nights a week with his unique wit and southern charm, which were unrivaled in the … Read more

Obituary: Johnny Grier Dies at aged 23, Cause of Death, Family

johnny grier

Johnny Grier was the First Black Referee and crew chief as he served as an NFL official from 1981 to 2004 for 23 years in the National Football League (NFL). The role he played as the first black referee in the NFL inspired and gave the opportunity to many, as he laid the foundation for … Read more

Who was Emilio Delgado? Cause of Death, Net worth, Meet his Wife Carole, Aged 81

emilion delgado

Emilio Delgado was a Mexican-American actor, singer, voice artist, and filmmaker. He was active in television, film, and theatre. People are heartbroken at the passing of him as he was popularly known for his role as Luis, the Fix-it Shop owner, on the children’s television series Sesame Street. Emilio Delgado: Cause of Death Emilio has … Read more