Who was Betty Emmerson MBE and what was her cause of death? died at the age of 92

Betty Emmerson MBE, a community icon, died at the age of 92. She has been associated with the Royal British Legion for almost 60 years.

She received the honor in 2011 as part of the Queen’s New Year honors list, when she was appointed an MBE.

Betty Emmerson was born on March 10, 1930, in the beach resort of Britain, as the fifth of six children of Georgina Arnold.

Little information about her personal life has been made public, making it extremely difficult to learn about her. We are unable to provide any detailed information on her early years because we do not know the names of her father or mother, as well as her siblings.

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Betty was engaged in the Women’s Royal Army Corps at a very early age in her life, but her career was cut short when she was diagnosed with tuberculosis and medically discharged in 1950. She served as a standard-bearer, branch secretary, branch treasurer, branch chairman, No 3 Group secretary, No 3 Group chair, Norfolk County secretary, Poppy Appeal collector, Poppy Appeal coordinator, and fundraiser during her six decades of service with the Royal British Legion.

Betty has four children, nine grandchildren, and  7 great-grandchildren after marrying John Emmerson in 1951. She was well-known among her friends and family for her cake-decorating abilities, having created over 2,000 cakes for friends, families, and communities.

She passed away at Bilney Hall Care Home in Dereham on May 4th. St Nicholas Church hosted her funeral.

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