Bernard Rosen, The First budget deputy of four New York City mayors, dies at 91

Bernard Rosen was the first deputy budget director for four mayors of New York City. During his tenure, he helped them to make up for millions of dollars in looming deficits, advising and directing them on how to do so.

Over the course of more than 36 years working for the city, he spent 28 of those years working for the office of management and budget. Previously, he was the budget chief for the fire department before becoming deputy budget director for the mayor.

Deceased: Bernard Rosen’s Death Cause

He died at the age of 91 on October 22, 2022. His death was announced by his son Eric who revealed his death was due to Heart Failure. Marlene, his wife, and mother of his son died in 1999 after that his son is the only surviving member in his family.

He used to live in Rego Park, Queens.

What was the age and place of birth of Bernard Rosen?

Bernard Rosen was Born on November 6, 1930, in Manhattan, USA. He was 91 years old. He was a son of a greengrocer as his father used to sell vegetables and fruits on Essex Street, New York. His mother was a Housewife.

Where did Bernard Rosen attend school/college and what was his education qualification?

He was a Seward Park High School Graduate and master’s degree holder n Public administration from the University of New york.

Overview of Bernard Rosen’s Career and his accomplishments

After his degree, he served in the military and served in the Korean war later he gave an exam in civil service and managed to be selected as an accountant and was hired by the fire department under mayor John V. Lindsay. Furthermore, he joined the Office of Management and Budget as a senior Budger examiner and later advance and became the first deputy director in 1990.

He had secreted such stockpiles away for exactly such scenarios, so he knew where to look in a pinch to retain essential services to citizens and safeguard the livelihoods of public employees. During his four decades of working as a budget expert, he has experienced the majority of crises, so he understood what levies produced far more returns and which spending cuts will result in the least suffering.

The change in opinion was largely attributed to Bernie’s experience, ethics, and unmatched reliability regarding city revenue. He also embodied dependability. In 1981, Rosen received the Sloan Public Service Award from the Fund for the City of New York. Bernie also reminded everyone that working for the government is a respectable profession and that it is their duty to represent both the city and the principals they are employed by.


He retired on October 1, 1995, at the age of 65. But he worked for a while even after he retired. Ms. O’Cleireacain describes him as having a kind heart, therefore he was aware of the harm that poor budget decisions or policy decisions may cause to people. He was intelligent and educated enough to know who to talk to, when to lose his calm and not to, and exactly how to construct an argument or offer a range of possibilities in order to arrive at a justifiable or immediate.

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Along with Mr. Dinkins, he also counseled Mayors Abraham D. Beame, Edward I. Koch, and Rudolf W. Giuliani over the course of four decades. He rose up the ranks quickly during the financial crisis of the 1970s since it was a great opportunity for a young person because many senior citizens retired when the financial disaster struck.

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