Professor of Islamic ethics, Ayatollah Syed Abdullah Fateminia, Passed away at the age of 76

Ayatollah Syed Abdullah Fateminia died at the age of 76. Fateminia has been suffering from cancer since February 2017 and was admitted to the intensive care unit in April of this year, according to reports.

He was a notable commentator on Sahifa e Sajjadiya and Nahjul Balagha and was a remarkable scholar of our time in ilm e rijal and Irfan.

Ayatollah Syed Abdullah Fateminia was born in Tabriz in 1946 as we don’t know his actual date of birth because there’s been very little information about his personal life circulating on the internet, making it tough to learn much precise regarding his life in detail.

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He was the son of mystical scholars, but we have no information about his father’s identity, and similarly, we have no information about his mother. Because we don’t know his father’s or mother’s names, as well as his siblings, we can’t provide any more specific information about his family background and early life.

Hassan Mostafavi, who taught him seminary education, had a strong influence on him. He was an Iranian Shiite cleric, professor of Islamic ethics, orator, Islamic historian, and bibliographer whose death affected many people, and we extend our condolences to the Iranian Nation Marajain and the Era’s Imam Hazrat Imam Mahdi.

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