Milad Rahimi, Shooting in North Vancouver Victim, Aged 34, Family

milad rahimi

Milad Rahimi has been identified as the victim of the shooting in North Vancouver. A person was gravely injured after being shot by an unknown individual in front of the Real Canadian Superstore on Friday. The event was soon reported to the police, and when officers got on the scene, they discovered the man lying … Read more

Who was Yanira Cedillos? Her Killer, Aged 30, Family, Husband

yanira cedillos

Yanira Cedillos, a 30-year-old woman, was celebrating her birthday, but nobody knew it would be her last. She was last seen on Thursday evening at Papa’s Casino, where she was celebrating her birthday. Yanira was reported missing from her condo in Heron Creek. The officer responded to the call and went on the lookout for … Read more